The Porch Posts

A Congeries of Odd Scraps Gathered on the Trip to Ultima Thule

You’ve got to appreciate a title like that even if you don’t have the time to stick around and fathom it. I know, I know, I suffer from the same affliction. I read your stuff fast, too, and then get out faster, hurrying back to my page, my stuff…

It’s said that Ghengis Kahn’s successor, Tamerlane, left behind great mud pyramids packed with the skulls of his enemies after his conquests. These days we are not so kind. We quickly pack the skulls of our friends with tweaks and twitters and twigs of our precious mud and slowly leave behind great pyramids of cyber scraps on the vast plains of the internet. Little teeny tiny simulacrum skulls holding the odd bit of wisdom or whimsy gleaned from the chaff of all the time we have spent with ourselves.

This collection is for me, and you, and a future anthropologist to be named later. I hope it will provide entertainment and instruction to this future assessor. I suspect he will be a rather large ant wearing spectacles and a deerstalker hat.

An Ant-thropolgist. His conclusion? See

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