A Valediction

I have completed my re-reading of the contents of this blog and am content with it. It is a satisfactory expression of my personal experience as a human being. I had thought about erasing it from the timeline of human history as a preemptive act, exercising a desire to have a final, controlling say in how history erases its memory of my presence here.

I have decided to let it stand. History will soon enough have its way. The words here will sink beneath cycles of renewal and decay and modernity and obsolescence as sure as the mammoths sank beneath the surface of the La Brea tar pits. As it is, so let it be.

I suspect I am the only person who consciously visits these pages these days. I am like an old man sitting in a chair on the porch of a small-town general store, revisiting memories that are only his own. But what memories they are!

Here I behold the vivacious, realized being I became when the spirit of wu-wei and the elements of yin and yang bloomed in my life and the result created the singular, complete, whole creature called Bob and Lenore.

These days I visit theses pages and in so doing I revisit that creature I once was, and now am not. The days have thinned and the leaves fallen, and snow is in the air. Yet there is something in me which prays the essence of who we were and what we became together remains in the potential of humanity forever, and outlives the sun.

Like the song says, “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world, when a feeling deep in your soul says you were half (and) now you’re whole…”

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