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November 12, 2016

Donald Trump is President-elect of the United States of America. A mistake of recent history has repeated itself because people did not learn from it. The ignorant and undiscerning voters who committed this act deserve what they will get. They have earned it. Unfortunately there are another 65 million Americans who do not deserve it, have not earned it – and will suffer the consequences as well.


December 15, 2015

It is boggling to my sensibilities, which I will admit have been superseded and apparently abandoned by the sensibilities of the generations which have followed my own, that Donald Trump has become the infantile poster-child, figurehead, and potential prime mover for a group of American citizens suffering from the contemporary form of anti-establishment angst. Is this the best they can do? Aww, come on…

Is all America wants in a President a slick and wily knee-jerk surrogate mouthpiece for bitching and bigotry? Really? I mean, we have to ask ourselves the question sooner or later.

Or maybe it’s already too late. Americans may have made themselves easy marks for a self-punking. Have they become so completely desensitized to blatant character flaws by their disgust with the dysfunctional political status quo that they are willing to select a blatantly flawed character to lead the most powerful country in the world?

Seriously, folks… The bizarre fascination of a fatal train wreck that we really don’t want to see and can’t take our eyes off of is great media entertainment, but it’s time to get serious about Trump’s Traveling Reality Road Show. Can’t we all just get along on eleven seasons of the Kardashians? Probably not, considering the number of “reality” shows there are in the world.

Reality? Really? Donald Trump? If that’s the way it is in America these days we need to redefine the word.


September, 2015


1. “He’s absolutely operating as an intelligent, manipulative bully who truly does not care about the consequences of his actions. He delights in his own ability to manipulate and to show that nobody can stop him.”

2. Roger Stone, one of the master practitioners of the Dark Side of the Political Force, resigned as Donald Trump’s strategist after 30 years of loyal service. Stone told friends Trump is “losing his grip on reality” and that “he has these yes-men around him,” according to Politico. “And now he’s living in a parallel world.”

3. “All of this is so ugly and requires every American of good conscience to speak up and speak out. Do not allow bigotry, soft or hard, to happen uninterrupted in your presence. Silence is compliance. We can, and must, do better.”
“That he has soared to his highest lead yet in the polls is a frightening reflection of the true American soul.”

March 15, 2016


If there was some way I could reach these angry, hateful people who are fearful and unreasonable in their thoughts and rhetoric and actions, the one thing I’d say to help them would be this: they need to understand that it’s a world-improving measure to take a close look at themselves and honestly acknowledge how they have personally helped to create the external issues and upsets they’re looking at.

Mahatma Gandhi observed that in human behaviors and particularly with regard to political movements, “the end is inherent in the means.” This means that if you’re supporting a movement with a hateful, arrogant, angry, fearful, exclusionary world view, and you win power, what you’re going to get is a hateful, arrogant, angry, fearful, exclusionary world. In other words, you will never leave the world you have always lived in and never had the sense or courage to rise above or move beyond.

Albert Einstein observed that no problem can be solved by the same kind of thinking that created it. That observation was about a null result of an experiment which couldn’t prove there was an “aether” medium which existed and enabled light waves to travel through empty space. This quote has been altered by popular massage into the truism “no problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it.” It shouldn’t be attributed to Einstein, of course, but the principle it communicates is very true.

Lower-level consciousness can not solve the problems it creates with means that are hateful, arrogant, angry, fearful, and exclusionary. It just can’t be done with those things. It takes a higher level of consciousness to do that. And that starts when those things simply cease. It is not necessary to convert our hate to love, for example, to rise to a higher level of consciousness which might help us actually solve a problem. It is a good enough start if we can simply move from hating to not hating.

When you silence the opposition, any discussion is over and you can claim your perspective prevailed. Many times, all you have to do is close your mind and cover your ears. Near as I can tell, the only difference between a Conservative American and a Liberal American these days is that a typical liberal will allow you to have your say and listen – and a typical conservative won’t. Unfortunately, in order to come together and reason it takes two willing participants.

Here are just three conditions in the past which created an environment vulnerable to being misused by evil people: disagreements over policies and a growing political polarization between the parties on the left and the right prevented the formation of a workable coalition; there was a movement which dramatically increased its public support by advertising itself as a movement against the ineffectiveness of the “system”; and propagandists justified exclusionary, angry, and hateful actions and rhetoric by portraying them as morally defensible and necessary.

All these things are present now in America and have created an opportunity for a regime of unconscious evil to have even more power in American politics than it has now. Just as it was in 1930’s Germany.

A hate group is an organized group or movement that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or any other designated sector of society.

Here is the seven stage model of hate crime developed for the FBI:

The hater finds other users with similar views to form a group
The group develops symbols and rituals to identify itself
The group shares its views to bond itself
The target is taunted
The target is attacked
The target is attacked with weapons
The target is destroyed

The Trump campaign and its supporters are up to stage five. How much farther will it go?

April 8, 2006 (10 years ago)

It’s been years since 9/11 dropped a curtain of fear over America and the resultant blank check written to the Bush administration to combat terrorism was cashed in Iraq.

It’s been years since the carrier speech: Saddam toppled, his pedestal bare. Victory. The triumphant end of the plan. Too bad it wasn’t the end of the war. Too bad there wasn’t more of a plan.

Now, 2,000 troop deaths later, we’re encouraged to not look at “artificial mileposts.” Don’t look. If you do, the sheer morbid fascination of train wrecks and bloody crashes will take you down. Hard.

Scooter Libby’s indictment- another milepost- is unraveling the roots of the war. The arrogant, self-righteous perfidy of this administration’s “artificial intelligence” is being exposed to air and light. So when the trials come, don’t look. It’s going to get uncomfortable if you do.

Blind moral rectitude, greed, unenlightened self interest, spin, hubris, arrogance and betrayal will all be facts of record at the final judgment of the Bush administration and its supporters. And the self-inflicted hits just keep coming. Before it’s over the right reds and left blues will collectively take their rightful and collateral lumps in an era of American politics which may simply become known as The Bruise.

The current prevailing American electorate is not a victim and will not be dismissed from prosecution as co-commitors of the Bush administration. They were told, they were warned, the information was readily available. And “don’t look” prevailed.

So don’t look. Stay the course. Spin dizzily on. It’s best to stay the course. Let “oops” be the ongoing defense.

Things I have no doubts about:
1. George Bush has taken lots of vacation time because being President is hard work. He’s been working hard, doing the hard work. He will preside only after he has been scripted, groomed and rehearsed by others and can deal with American sentiments like a weasel deals with a baby chick. And that’s hard work.
2. The President of the United States of America is not, as many believe, a committee. It’s just a group of these guys, see, who have been in politics so long even God has lined up with them. The correct term is “commitor,” i.e. “one who commits or perpetrates.” The “committee” is the one perpetrated against. The victim.
3. Ignorance is still no excuse under the law. More’s the pity. Shucks. Dog-gone it.
4. We were told to stay the course, establish democracy, support our troops, our faith, our God, church. It will be difficult to define the “course” stayed upon. It has changed so often. Was it confronting terrorists? Eliminating WMD’s? Jugging an evil guy? Democratizing a corrupt middle-eastern theocracy yearning to breathe free (except for a small oil surcharge to repay the favor) air?

So here we are, back where we were, again. Donald Trump is President of the United States of America. A mistake of recent history has repeated itself because people did not learn from it. The ignorant and undiscerning voters who committed this act deserve what they will get. They have earned it. Unfortunately there are another 65 million Americans who do not deserve it, have not earned it – and will suffer the consequences as well.

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