Molly Ivins, American Sequoia

Molly Ivins coined the nickname “Shrub” for George W. Bush. She championed freedom, and her strong stands typically supported democratic principles, the underdog, the disenfranchised, the overlooked and the neglected. She despised greed, stupidity, selfishness and ignorance. She spoke often and well in her opposition to the Bush administration’s suspension of habeas corpus for suspected terrorists. Molly left us in January, 2007. I expect God is currently busy answering a couple of questions I’m sure she had.

Molly was a sequoia among shrubs. She towered in grandeur, rooted in the uncompromising hard-core political badlands of Texas. She synthesized the breath of life by applying light to the noxious and ignoble gasses of politicians. Her honesty and clarity and vivacious, uncompromising independence were unavoidable and unforgettable. Her absence in the skyline marks the loss of a national treasure.

Molly was a dervish in a donnybrook, slapping foreheads and inspiring flashes of light in dark places, hollering to the world at large to “Think, dammit!” Who now will come with the spirit of a rollicking God and iron-principled independent warrior to stand tall in the fray, gleefully kickin’ butts and taking names later?

Whoever it is, they will appear in the darkness bearing a torch passed to them by Molly Ivins.

Godspeed, Molly. You raised hell and earned Heaven. Well done.

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One Response to Molly Ivins, American Sequoia

  1. Louis W says:

    Well said. I haven’t thought or read about her for years, now. As I read your post I thought of “Superman’s Song” by Crash Test Dummies: “Superman never made any money/for saving the world from Solomon Grundy/and sometimes I despair the world will never see/another man like him.” Change a few words and it could work for Molly Ivins (though she did make some money, but that is beside the point). We do need someone to step into her place.

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