Tao Te Ching Chapter 32

The Tao is forever undefined.
Small though it is in the unformed state, it cannot be grasped.
If kings and lords could harness it,
The ten thousand things would come together
And gentle rain fall.
Men would need no more instruction and all things would take their course.
Once the whole is divided, the parts need names.
There are already enough names.
One must know when to stop.
Knowing when to stop averts trouble.
Tao in the world is like a river flowing home to the sea.

 Jane English and Gia-fu Feng, 1989

 My favorite chapter so far. It seems redundant and unnecessary to comment at all. I’d suggest using this chapter as a koan, a mantra, a meditative focal point, over and over, expecting nothing of it, taking it at face value, letting it be what it is and letting it say what it says.

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