Tao Te Ching Chapter 6

The Spirit of the Valley

The Valley of the Spirit
is immortal and nourishing.
It is called the Mysterious Female,
our Creative Power.

This Creative Power is our passageway,
Revealing the Creation
of Heaven and Earth itself.

Like a babbling stream,
It flows endlessly through our lives –
Quietly supporting us always.

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The Valley Spirit… The abundance and fertility of the creative energy in the Tao. The profound imagination which everywhere visualizes and brings forth life.

The spirit of the valley is inexhaustible, it brings forth new life forever. A river, always changing, ever filled with fresh water, flows through it eternally. In the night above, the moon phases round the stars in wane and flux, and ebb and flow pulse in the waters of the world.

Generations of trees and the lush, verdant forest cycle ever-new down through the seasons of time without end.

The ancient rocks rest there, birds fly, fish swim, the worm becomes the cocoon chrysalis and it cracks open and out of its heart delicate color flutters up and floats on the valley breeze like a dancing ribbon.

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