Tao Te Ching Chapter 16

Attain the highest emptiness. Maintain constant tranquility.
We observe the Ten Thousand Things pulse in unity and return to the void.

All things bloom luxuriously and each returns again to its source.
Returning to source is the supreme stillness.
This is known as the return to destiny, the natural pattern of things.

Returning to destiny means to be constant.
Understanding constancy is known as realization.
Not understanding this constancy leads to disaster.

To be all-encompassing means being impartial.
Being impartial is your highest nobility, the true nobility of Heaven.

Natural divinity is Tao. Tao is everlasting.

When you lose your sense of self, you are as immortal as the Tao.

–       See more at: http://taotechingdaily.com/16-constancy/#sthash.qFGuCJ3l.dpuf


Yin Yang Find BalanceIn the life of ten thousand things,
in the luxuriant blooming of everything,
we observe the pulse of unity.

We remember our source.
We know our place in the natural pattern is our destiny.
We  embrace our ultimate destiny and accept it.
We avoid the disaster of not accepting our existential destiny.
We know our eternal divinity is not separate from our existential divinity.
We are impartial and refrain from separating the all-encompassing into parts.
(and finally)
We lose our sense of self.

Yesterday I went for a walk in the forest.
As I walked serenity and fullness and peace and connection filled me and emptied me.
As I walked thoughts and feelings came and went.

As I walked
the pulse of unity,
the pulse that flows through my eternal and existential divinity,
came and went.

pulsing in, pulsing out
pulsing in, pulsing out

I lost my sense of separation in the ebb and flow of that pulse.
It was natural to me, that pulse.

Yin Yang Find Balance
I wrote the above reflection of Chapter 16 as prose.
Then I saw that it could be a verse.
Then I saw we all wrote it.
Then I saw it was written in us all.
Then I saw it was written everywhere.
And the pulse goes on, and returns to the heart, and pulses out again.
Prose, verse, poetry, the word within, the word going out, the word throughout, the word returning, the unifying pulse flowing through it all.

It’s natural to us, that pulse.

Walking in Wildood

We all get hung up in what we think a divine, conscious, aware person is. Our idea of that usually involves an image of someone other than our self, someone separate from us, better than us, higher than us. Someone with ways and means different from our own, perceptions different from our own, sensitivities and finely honed perceptions separate from our own.

Zen Garden Perfection of Yin and YangThere are divine, conscious, aware persons who seem to fit that view, who do have finely honed perceptions. They are usually people dedicated to a particular practice which leads them to self realization and divine knowing. The path there produces a mind as clean and simple as the precise geometric and undulant flowing rake marks found in zen gardens.

When these persons speak to us, they are not speaking about their path or personal condition. They are speaking to us about what they have learned. They are not saying “Be like me.” They are saying “Know this.” They are saying we are them. They are saying we know this. On our own path. In our own personal condition. In our own experience of the flowing, beating pulse which unifies our existential and eternal divinity.

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